Frequently Asked Questions

1I’m often on my feet and sometimes they ache a lot. Is there anything I can wear to reduce the pain?
Look for good quality shoes with a supportive insole and a firm heel counter for extra stability. More cushioning inside the shoe will help, but one of the best options is to use a good quality orthotic innersole to support the arch of the foot.
2What should I look for in a work shoe?
Leather shoes are generally better, as they breath more easily and help keep the feet cooler, although lightweight mesh tops can do the same job if your workplace allows them. A firm heel counter can be helpful as this stabilises the heel of the foot, and look for good cushioning inside the shoe. If the shoe doesn’t have much internal arch support, it might be a good idea to use a budget orthotic to replace the innersole.
3When I get out of bed of a morning, I get stabbing pains under my feet. Sometimes the pain goes away later in themorning but returns in the afternoon. Is there something wrong with my shoes or do I have a problem with my feet?
With persistent pain such as this, it’s recommended to see a Podiatrist, but often this type of pain is associated with a condition called plantar fasciitis. Foot exercises as recommended by a Podiatrist can help. In addition, using a good quality orthotic inside the shoe can be a good option, as it supports the arch of the foot, reducing the over-stretching of the tendons, often a contributing factor in plantar fasciitis.